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How can I delete or hide shared items?

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When multiple students share items with you, it can quickly become unorganized in the Explore tab of your ePortfolio. It is not possible to delete items that have been shared with you.

Therefore, after giving feedback, ask if the student wants to stop sharing the item. If the student does not do this, you can choose to ignore the student in your ePortfolio. You will then no longer see any shared items from this student. You can also reverse this setting.

Ignore items from user

  1. Click the Explore tab.
  2. Click the arrow behind an item of the sharing student.
  3. Click Ignore Items from User.

You no longer see any documents from this student.

It is not possible to ignore individual items from a student.

Restore Ignore items from User

  1. Click the Explore tab.
  2. Click Settings.

Scroll down to the heading Ignore List.

  1. Click on the X behind the names of the students you no longer want to ignore.
  2. Click Save and Close.

You will now see items from this student again.

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