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How do I export the results of an evaluation?


You can download a report of your evaluation results. You can do this by going to your Dashboard or Evaluations.

Via your dashboard

  1. Click Results on the right side.

Then enter a start date and end date on the right side to mark the period you want to receive the report about.

Click the download icon. The report can be downloaded as either a PDF or Word file.

Select the data you want to see in the report:

  • The results of the open ended questions;
  • The frequency distribution per question;
  • The results per evaluation.

Via Evaluations

If you use Evaluations to create a report, you can also choose to download the report as an Excel file (rather than a PDF). You can also select which results you want to see in the report.

  1. Navigate to Evaluations. Note that you can read the article How do I view the results of an evaluation? to learn more about the Evaluations page.
  2. Open the Evaluation that you want to see in your report.
  3. Select the type of file you want to receive (PDF or Excel).
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