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How do I do an in-class evaluation?


It is easy to start a live evaluation. To do so, you first have to log in to Evalytics. You will be navigated to your Dashboard.

  • There are two ways to start the evaluation in Evalytics:
    • Via Tasks on your dashboard.
    • Via Evaluations.
  • Find the desired evaluation and click on EVALUATE NOW.
  • Enter the number of students and if desired the name of the group.
  • Click START.

If you show the page on a large screen, each student will be able to see the website, code and response.

  1. The students can use the link and (QR-)code that appears on screen to start the evaluation.
  2. Do you want to view the results during the evaluation? Click View results.
  3. Has everyone filled out the evaluation or has time run out? Click Close evaluation. The responses will appear immediately. 
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