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How do I navigate within Evalytics?



If you log in to Evalytics, you will be navigated to your dashboard.

  1. If you are linked to multiple organisations (studies), you can click the name of the organisation to view the evaluations for this organisation.
  2. Below Tasks you will find the evaluations that are ready for you to use. Here you will find multiple tasks, for example evaluations that are ready for a live evaluation in class.
  3. Below Recent evaluations you will find the results of the evaluations that have been completed. Depending on the components of the evaluation you will, for example, see the average grade of the course and/or the average grade for you as a teacher.


  • Click Evaluations in the navigation bar on the left. Here you will find an overview of all evaluation you have been linked to.
  • You will automatically see all non-archived evaluations. Click Unarchived to select whether you prefer to see Archived evaluations or All.
  • Behind the name of an evaluation you will see the status. For example, you will see Open for student or Open for feedback:
  • The dates shown represent the period during which the evaluation is opened.
  • The numbers (for example 0/1 (0%)) show how many students filled out the evaluation. The percentage shows how many out of the expected number actually filled out the evaluation.
  • For evaluations that are not yet completed you can start the evaluation in class by clicking Evaluate now. For more information, read the article How do I do an in-class evaluation?


  • Click Results in the navigation bar on the left. You will see an overview of the overall results and the results for each evaluation.
  1. At the top right you can:
    • select the period of which you want to see results. You can set up a Start date and an End date if you only want to see the results of the evaluations within a certain period. You can also Compare dates if you want to put the results of two dates next to one another;
    • use the arrow icon to download a PDF report or a Word report. Note that you will download a report for the period you have selected;
    • calculate the results again, for example if you have adjusted the period and the results are not automatically altered.
  2. The results will also appear on this screen. For example, you will find the average of all teacher questions (questions about you as a teacher) for all evaluations from the selected period.
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