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How do I log in to Evalytics?


If you want to start using Evalytics, you need to have an account. For more information, please read the article How do I start using Evalytics?

There are two options to log in:

  • Click Via SURF to log in using your Radboud credentials. You will be navigated to the SURFconext page:
    • Select Radboud University to log in using your U-, Z- or E-number.
    • Enter your username and password and click login.
    • If you log in to Evalytics for the first time, a window will appear. You have to give permission for your user-id to be used for identification in Evalytics. Read the text and then click <Yes, continue [...]>. You will now be navigated to your Dashboard.
  • Via an email address if you do not have Radboud credentials.
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