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How do I set restrictions for an Assignment?


  • Click Activities in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Assignments. You will land on the Assignments homepage to get an overview of all the  assignments you have created. 
  1. Click New Assignment to create a new assignment.
  2. Click the arrow next to the assignment to open the quick menu. 
  3. Click Edit Assignment to edit an assignment.
  • Click the arrow of the Availability Dates & Conditions tab to fold it out. 
  1. For Start Date, choose the moment from which students can submit the assignment. For End Date, determine from which moment of the students can no longer see and use the assignment. Do not enter anything here if you want the assignments to be visible right away.
  2. If you want, add release conditions.
  3. Under Special Access you can give certain students special access to the assignment by clicking Manage Special Access

Is it useful for students to see the assignment after they have submitted their work, for example for exam preparation? Do not enter anything for the End Date in that case. Do enter a deadline as the Due Date. This way students will keep their access to the assignment, and they will also be able to submit work, but you as lecturer will be able to see which assignments were submitted past the due date. If you do enter an End Date then students will be able to see the title of the assignment, but they can no longer open it (this also applies for the period of the possible Start Date). They can still see the assessment and feedback.

Manage Special Access

Go to the Availability Dates & Conditions tab, click Special Access and then Manage Special Access. The following window will open:

You can choose between the following options:

  • Select Allow users with special access to submit outside the normal availability dates for this folder if different dates apply for certain students.
  • Select Allow only users with special access to see this folder if only certain students can see this folder.
  • Click Add Users to Special Access to choose student who have special access. The following window will open:
  1. If you want certain students to have a different deadline than the rest of the group, then add a different deadline below the Due Date.
  2. If you only want certain students to see the assignment, then add an altered Has Start Date and/or Has End Date.
  1. Use the Search Options to find students that have special access in any way:
    • Select in the drop-down menu under View By if you want to search among all students in the course (User) or in a certain group (Groups) and click Apply. If you chose a group, you can then select which group you would like to search in the drop-down menu, (click Apply once more). 
    • In the search bar, fill in (a part of) the student's name or their student number to quickly find them. Now click enter (on your key board) or click the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Select the student(s) it concerns. Tick the box at the top to select all students that are showing up through the search filter. 
  3. Click Save to return to the Edit Assignment page.

By searching per group, you can easily give the entire group within the course special access, without having to look up each individual student separately to add them.

Do you want to change the end date for students with special access during the course? You can do so by clicking Add users to Special Access again. Here, you can alter the end date, select the students to whom the change applies, and click Save when you are finished. If you do this, you are NOT altering the end date of the assignment! If you change the end date for the entire assignment, it will not be processed for students with special access.

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